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By Martha Jette

10 Minute Workouts

In our fast paced world where we run from home chores to jobs, to driving the kids to various events, running weekly errands and getting to appointments, many people believe they don’t have time to work out. However, there are some quick, calorie-burning workouts that even the busiest of folks can fit into their hectic schedules.

For Women

Fitness expert, Tracey Mallet says even the busiest women can get into shape by exercising just 10 minutes a day. She recommends such Pilate exercises as Dolphin Kicks, Super Butt Kicks, the Dead Bug and Side Plank Leg Lifts for best results.

To work on the fat that tends to stick to the thighs, hips and bottom, 10 minutes of squats each day will also tighten and tone those areas.

For Men

The name doesn’t sound too inviting but rotating prisoner squats can be repeated over a 10-minute period to limber up the body and work core muscles. Standing with feet slightly apart and hands behind your head, squat up and down while rotating 90 degrees to one side.

On your next squat, rotate the opposite way. This exercise works the legs, stomach, chest and arms all at the same time. Crunches and pushups can also be added to the quick routine to further tone certain areas of the body.

For a more intense 10-minute workout, men and women can begin with a few minutes of light cardio, such as walking and/or stretching exercises. Then do jumping jacks interspersed with high front kicks, alternating between legs. You can also try high jogs that involve jogging in place while lifting your knees up higher than you normally would.

Five 10-Minute Workout Tips

Because your life is so busy, you want a quick workout that gets the most bang for each minute and is suited to your needs. That means doing your homework to find just the right exercises for the body parts that need the most work. There are plenty of costly programs promoted on the Internet but you don’t need to spend money to lose weight.

1) On the job, women can still work out. A quick tip for those who sit behind a desk all day is to tense and release the stomach muscles 10 times or more.

2) Both men and women can benefit by taking a few moments while on a break at work to rotate the head, neck and shoulders to ease tension and stiffness. Standing up to stretch and rotating the arms and legs will keep the circulation going as well.

3) To release pain and tension from the lower back, sit up in your office chair, place your right arm behind your right hip and gently rotate your body to the right. Then repeat the opposite way. About.com offers a number of exercises that can be done right from your office chair.

4) At home or in a gym, just 10 minutes a day on a treadmill at a ‘challenging pace’ will not only burn fat but also increase your stamina. By using an inclined treadmill, you’ll burn off that excess fat even faster.

According to an article in Mind, Body & Spirit Fitness running on a treadmill at a 6-mile pace will burns 640 calories per hour. However, with five minutes of running and then five more minutes on an incline burns 74 extra calories per hour.

5) Add an extra challenge to regular exercises, such as walk, jogging and running by holding a suitably sized weight in each hand or wear weighted wrist bands.


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